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Four R’s of software quality assurance

IT organizations must adopt a focused approach and a comprehensive methodology for end-to-end testing. In a SearchSoftwareQuality.com blog, an Infosys expert discusses the 4 R’s of software quality assurance:

Risk: Risk-based testing helps quantify and mitigate risks in the life cycle of applications, and prioritize tests more effectively.

Return on investment: Automation improves return on investment (ROI) on testing significantly. In addition, environment optimization and reducing dependencies maximize ROI on investment early in the application life cycle.

Regulations: The focus of regulatory compliance is on safeguarding the privacy of customers. Independent verification and validation services are required in a landscape where different entities within the enterprise may be responsible for regulation and compliance.

Rich customer experience: Tools for 'eye-capturing', early code, and prototyping enable early testing of usability, flexibility and accessibility of the software.

Our expert also takes a look at the shift that is happening – from user interface to end-to-end testing with distributed, multi-tier architecture in a service-oriented architecture and unique approaches to ERP testing.

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Published with permission of SearchSoftwareQuality.com

Our expert

Aparna Sharma

Aparna Sharma, Head of Client Services, Infosys Validation Services , Infosys

Aparna is responsible for testing services and client engagements. Her team is responsible for consulting, taking testing solutions to the market, and ensuring successful delivery. Prior to joining Infosys in 2006, as vice president at a multinational company, Aparna was responsible for service delivery, services sales, account management, and IP development. Aparna can be reached at


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