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Benchmark software quality against testing metrics

Better visibility into testing metrics enables continuous improvement in quality. At the same time, QA teams must define the metrics accurately, align stakeholders with the metrics program, and set standards for data collection and analysis, says an Infosys expert. In an article published on SearchSoftwareQuality.com, our expert discusses metrics:

  • Efficient project execution: ensures testing effectiveness, schedule adherence, and requirement stability
  • Cost-effective testing: addresses defect severity, defect aging, testing productivity, and automation

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Published with permission of SearchSoftwareQuality.com


Vasudeva Naidu

Vasudeva Naidu, Practice Engagement Manager, Independent Validation and Testing Services, Infosys

Vasudeva has more than 13 years of experience in defining and implementing testing improvement programs and testing centers of excellence. He is responsible for sales and customer relationship management for clients in insurance and healthcare. He can be reached at

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