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The Infosys testing practice provides mature services: NelsonHall

NelsonHall, a leading analyst and advisory firm, has recognized the testing solutions and methodologies, and engagement models of The Infosys Independent Validation and Testing Services (IVS). The report cites the testing services provided to independent software vendors (ISVs) as a sign of mature offerings.

NelsonHall makes a special mention of the ERP testing practice of the Infosys IVS services. The report discusses how Infosys offers highly specialized offerings to implement ERP testing across SAP, Oracle, Siebel and PeopleSoft HCM applications. It states that the Infosys ERP testing practice was established to test heterogeneous software implementations and upgrades, which require diverse testing skills and methodologies.

Key takeaways
  • Provides a broad spectrum of testing and validation services for custom applications, specialized validation such as test data management, data warehouse testing and Service-oriented Architecture testing
  • Offers a range of engagement models - time and material (T&M), fixed price, (FP), unit of work, and outcome-based models
  • Developed testing solutions with business process-based testing packages of test cases and test scripts for financial services, retail, insurance, healthcare and life sciences, communications, media and entertainment, and energy and utilities
  • Provides testing centers of excellence (TCoE) for custom and package applications as part of the application management contract, as well as dedicated centers for major implementation projects
  • Developed frameworks, tools and accelerators to automate and expedite test planning and execution. In addition, the practice has developed indigenous solutions -

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