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Uncovering the business value of testing

IT teams are no longer focusing merely on improving the efficiency of their IT systems. They are increasingly trying to link their actions to business outcomes.

In an article published at risk-uk.com, an Infosys thought leader in the area of testing talks about the need for a change in the testing approach. This change is imperative to gear up for challenges presented by today’s dynamic business environment. The change will also factor in helping organizations become more competitive and profitable. The article provides some examples as to how focusing on the business value of testing can lead to an increase in revenue, and a reduction in the cost of operations.

Published with the permission of risk-uk.com


Shishank Gupta

Shishank Gupta, AVP and Client Solution Head, Infosys

Shishank leads the delivery of specialized testing for the retail division at Infosys. He has over 15 years of IT experience, out of which he has spent ten years in Infosys Validation services. He has written as well as delivered talks on topics like test enhancement and importance of knowledge management. He holds a patent for his estimation model for testing projects. He can be reached at

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