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Agile meets user acceptance testing in a CoE

Automated processes and performance metrics for early business validation minimize the effort and cost of user acceptance testing (UAT). In an article published at SearchSoftwareQuality.com, our experts propose a center of excellence (CoE) approach to address the challenges of UAT in an Agile environment.

The UAT CoE ensures that UAT teams are involved in the early stages of the project life cycle to improve test coverage and efficiency. The CoE framework must include:

  • Business-driven test scenarios
  • Multidimensional requirements traceability matrix
  • Risk-based testing techniques
  • Metrics dashboard

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Published with the permission of SearchSoftwareQuality.com


Ravindra Kambhampati

Ravindra Kambhampati, Senior Project Manager, Infosys Validation Solutions, Infosys

Ravindra specializes in mainframe application testing and development, pre-sales, and the design and implementation of Testing CoEs. He can be reached at

Srinivas Yeluripaty

Srinivas Yeluripaty, Group Project Manager, Infosys Validation Solutions, Infosys

Srinivas has rich experience in verification and validation services for financial services, insurance and healthcare companies. He is PMP certified and has implemented two Six Sigma projects. He can be reached at

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