Since 2005, Neotys has helped organizations in over 60 countries achieve exceptional reliability, performance, and quality in software applications. As a pioneer in continuous performance validation, Neotys solutions enable development, quality assurance, and IT operations teams to test and monitor the quality and speed of applications. From component to system-wide testing and monitoring in production, Neotys’ products — NeoLoad and NeoSense — provide end-to-end performance validation. More than 1,600 global organizations have selected their solutions for unparalleled agility, ease of use, and support for rich internet applications (RIA) and mobile technologies.

To know more about Neotys, visit www.neotys.com.

Industry Focus

Our partnership with Neotys spans all key geographies and service lines, including financial services, insurance, retail, telecommunications and healthcare.

Solution Focus

Being ready to address Performance & Scalability of IT systems is no longer just for known Peak Loads. With global users accessing applications round-the-clock, sudden surge in traffic is a critical aspect to manage and ensure availability of high performing systems.

Infosys has created a joint solution with Neotys and its partners to address performance & scalability issues of IT systems for Load Bursts. Main objective of our solution is to ensure performance readiness, need to be aware of burst/seasonal loads that can originate from multiple channels such as web, mobile, PDA/Tablets, upstream/downstream systems which are multi-fold of Peak workloads.

Infosys is working on developing script conversion and enhancement utilities that could help in efficient planning when Neoload is used as a Performance Testing tool.

Partnership benefits for our customers

Infosys provides application performance testing and monitoring solutions through Neotys products because they are characterized by agility, automation, and best technology support. These characteristics catalyze increased productivity in testing, by enabling Infosys to shorten software development cycles and time-to-market for new features and enhancements. Consequently, Infosys ensures that its customers deliver better experiences to their users with cutting-edge performance validation tools.

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