Perfecto Mobile enables exceptional digital experiences. Its focus is to strengthen every digital interaction with a quality-first approach, through a cloud-based test environment called the Continuous Quality Lab (CQL). The CQL is comprised of real devices and real end user conditions, giving businesses the truest test environment available. For more information about Perfecto, visit perfectomobile.com.

Industry Focus:

More than 1,500 customers across the banking, insurance, retail, telecommunications, and media industries, rely on Perfecto to deliver optimal mobile app functionality and end user experiences. Through this, customers are ensured of improving their brand’s reputation, establishing loyal customers, and continually attracting new users.

Solution Focus:

In partnership with Perfecto, Infosys has launched a joint offering for mobility, Infosys-Perfecto: Digital Experience and Coverage Index, to enable QA teams to build a customer focused test strategy.

Partnership Highlights:

It comprises of Infosys Customer Sentiments Analytics tool and Perfecto’s Digital Test Coverage Index. While Infosys Customer Sentiments Analytics solution helps to identify customer’s pain points through social media feeds, Perfecto’s Digital Test Coverage Index compliments it with insights on devices or browsers being used by customers. Both solutions together bring a unique proposition for enabling teams to prepare a powerful mobility testing strategy.

Infosys Webtest Automation Framework (iWAF) which is built on top of open source tools, Selenium and Appium, is pre-integrated with the Perfecto cloud environment for automated test execution significantly reducing ramp-up period. Perfecto capabilities such as interruptions and Wind Tunnel can be invoked directly through this Java based framework. The framework supports parallel execution of test cases across devices and browsers in perfecto cloud.

Three fundamentals that structure the Infosys-Perfecto partnership

Infosys-Perfecto: Digital Experience and Coverage Index

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