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PMI Mortgage Insurance Co. wins Celent Model Insurer Award 2010 for Test Automation Framework

PMI Mortgage Insurance Co. partners with Infosys to develop award-winning test automation framework

In 2008, one of the client's IT services providers announced the withdrawal of support for its existing testing product. This provided the client with the impetus to revisit its test automation strategy and capabilities. The client's QA team undertook an assessment initiative to identify the current automation challenges and design the optimal solution for future needs.

The assessment initiative highlighted the need to design a best in class test process to improve quality and reduce time to market. The client's QA team partnered with Infosys to develop a test automation framework that supports all applications across the client's applications landscape. The framework combines several vendor products to create an infrastructure unique to the client organization that improves testing quality, accountability, efficiency, and continuous improvement.

Several unique features of the framework combine to deliver business value. Some of the key success metrics from the project are:

  • 45% improvement in test scripting efficiency due to standardization and easy to use framework components
  • 50% increase in automation test coverage due to improved test design, increased library functions to support additional technology components, and better utilization of tool features
  • 150% improvement in execution efficiency compared to the previous automated environment, resulting in cycle time reduction and enabling effort and budget (re)allocation that increases coverage
  • 85% increase in cross-utilization of professional staff across the applications landscape due to increased scripting standardization and enhanced documentation

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(Published with the permission of Celent, a division of Oliver Wyman)

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Creating winning solutions

Infosys develops cutting-edge solutions for customers:

  • 2010: Celent, a research and advisory firm, honored PMI Mortgage Insurance Co.'s test automation framework with the Model Insurer Award
  • 2009: Celent recognized Infosys' client's testing framework as a Model Carrier Component
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