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Fully centralized QA model critical to success, say 80 percent of TCoE clients in a third-party survey

A third-party software company conducted a survey of top Infosys clients with revenues greater than US$5 billion, ranging from financial institutions to healthcare players.

The survey analyzed the critical success factors behind the implementation of a Test Center of Excellence (TCoE) by existing clients. To understand the benefits of such an implementation, here are some insights:

  • Top drivers for setting up a TCoE include large business / technology transformation initiatives
  • 80 percent of the respondents chose the centralized QA model instead of other models such as federated or fully-distributed models
  • 45 percent indicated that the strategic QA partner can either make or break a fortune by setting up a TCoEs

The survey’s results are a testimony to the fact that organizations are aware of the advantages of implementing a TCoE.


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