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Big Data Testing

The Infosys Big Data Testing Services solution offers a comprehensive suite of processes, tools, and skilled resources. It delivers end-to-end testing methodologies, addressing the challenges, and maximizing your opportunities to capitalize on big data through improved quality measures.

Challenges in creating a successful big data implementation plan

Testing organizations must plan ahead to be prepared for the testing challenges of big data programs. To ensure efficiency and efficacy, they should take the following measures:

  • Understand big data from a testing viewpoint such as handling the 3V’s of data (volume, variety, and velocity) and create customized test process assets
  • Uplift skills in new technologies that drive
    • Knowledge of big data-specific query languages (Example: PIG Latin,HIVE)
    • Big data architecture
    • Big data analytics
  • Build competencies and expert resource pool through training
  • Deliver program management to address the needs of large big data implementation programs

Brochure: Infosys Big Data Service offering

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