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Business intelligence reports testing

Quality assurance (QA) and data validation for business intelligence (BI) reports is complex with disparate data coming from multiple heterogeneous sources. In general, the data gets organized into thousands of facts and attributes and hundreds of dimensions. BI report testing   requires good understanding of business data as well technical expertise to run SQL queries that analyze  data and discover anomalies.

Ensuring data accuracy and quality in BI reports and dashboards is a primary task, as reports are used for decision-making. Anomaly in compliance reports may lead to heavy penalties. Therefore, businesses have been incurring significant cost and effort to implement BI report testing.

Effectively, BI reports validation requires a good understanding of underlying data as well as technical expertise to run SQL queries, analyze data, and discover anomalies. Data accuracy, increased availability and performance, and reduced reporting cycle time are key performance indicators (KPIs) in an effective BI platform.

Typical challenges in report testing

  • Data integrity issues
  • Huge volumes of data 
  • Testing for accessibility (ensure different users based on roles and access privileges can access business reports) due to system upgrade
  • Time and effort wastage during manual testing

solution for performing the following functions:

  • Connect directly to any source of data
  • Cleanse, combine, and transform the data instantly and uncover insights in just a few clicks
  • Visualize and share the data across the organization with ease

Infosys Report Testing tool offers an integrated suite of services comprising best-in-class processes, people, and technologies. It performs end-to-end report testing, which results in 15 percent improvement in productivity. The tool also helps in understanding and analyzing the business performance, with 100 percent data coverage.
Powered by reusable assets such as test strategy, standardized estimation template, and technology independent plugin forms of macros, this utility helps to reduce effort by 50 percent.

Infosys Report Testing tool features

    • Reusable user interface (UI) driven test case creation: Capability to create and execute test cases The intuitive UI enables testers to develop automated scripts, which can be stored in reusable repositories
    • Automated report layout validation: Self-intuitive, UI-based, solution for report layout testing
    • Automated scheduler: Test suite runs in batch mode using automated scheduling feature and execution status is obtained through emails
    • Technology and tool integration: Integrated with distributed databases and self-service business intelligence tools such as Tableau and Qlikview
    • Reusable assets
      • Test strategy supporting all technology landscapes
      • Estimation frame work for all kinds of BI / business objects (BO) report testing
    • Technology-independent plugins
      • Utilities for automated report testing across testing life cycle supporting all technologies 


    • Accuracy
      • Meaningful analysis and reporting
      • Effective understanding and analysis of  business performance and opportunities
      • 100 percent data coverage
    • Quick response
      • BI tester tool / technology-independent utilities compare report data with database and validate the discrepancies in a short span of time
    • User-friendliness
      • Easy-to-operate with reduced manual intervention
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