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Infosys Crowd Testing Platform

Crowd Sourced Testing, as popularly known as Crowd testing, is an emerging trend in software testing which exploits the benefits, efficiency and effectiveness of the cloud platform and more importantly crowdsourcing. It is best viewed as a complementary alternative to traditional testing services and is viable in both agile and waterfall scenarios. The ‘crowd’ can help uncover defects in quality vectors such as functional, security, load, localization, and usability. Infosys Crowd Testing platform is a cloud-based portal that leverages the experience of Infosys crowd (employees) to identify critical defects. The crowd compliments dedicated testing teams and brings in knowledge, demographic, and device diversity to uncover defects that are otherwise hard to identify during routine testing in a simulated environment.

Four categories of crowd testing challenges that can be overcome
  • Coverage
    • No control over what is being tested
    • Difficulty in driving the crowd to validate critical tests, instead of less acute tests
  • Motivation
    • Inability to encourage the crowd to test untouched areas to ensure complete coverage
    • Difficulty in motivating testers to continue testing without getting distracted
  • Consistency
    • Lack of consistent involvement of crowd across the test schedule
  • Quality
    • High number of duplicate defects or no defects raised
Key differentiators of the Infosys Crowd Testing platform

Our platform ensures seamless testing operations as follows:

  • Defines the scope of testing along with details such as problem statement, prioritized test scenarios / use cases, timelines, contact information, etc.
  • Provides a discussion forum to share experiences
  • Allows testers to choose devices and see people who are part of the same test-cycle
  • Suggestions from the crowd coming through crowd-testing platform are appreciated
Six features that drive efficiencies

Here are the key features of our scalable, cloud-based, self-service platform:

  • Captures stakeholder requirements including number of testers, devices, operating systems, browsers, etc.
  • Provides Test Cycle Dashboard with different quality metrics like defects by status and severity, test execution status, device specific status
  • Allows the creation of multiple groups including testers and validators
  • Features a tester profile page and tester forum for knowledge exchange and SME identification
  • Provides gamification and leaderboard to identify and reward top testers
  • Offers reporting features to analyze defects, crowd diversity, etc.
The Infosys Crowd advantage

Access to Infosys employees who are well-versed in generic testing methodologies and processes ensures that:

  • Diversity in terms of knowledge, experience, demography, and devices is achieved
  • Scalable crowd can be resized as per requirement within a very short time
  • Extreme collaboration between crowd testers and dedicated testing teams leads to improved efficiency, better test coverage, and shorter test cycles

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