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Data Migration Testing

The information technology industry mandates data migration testing to enable the adoption of social, mobile, analytics, and cloud (SMAC) technologies, align with mergers and acquisitions, and ensure continuous system upgrades. Comprehensive data migration testing helps make data migration predictable and ensures first-time releases are accurate.

Challenges in data migration programs

  • Poor data quality: Irrespective of being aware of the data defects, new deficiencies are often uncovered after extraction
  • Missing data:  Mandatory fields in source systems turning out to be blank or null
  • Mismatched data: Field overuse is a classic problem of incorrect data. Sometimes, two or more different domains of data can be found in one field that is repurposed after its original use becomes obsolete
  • Missing data requirements: Data fields or values are not captured properly. Business and data transformation rules are not sufficiently researched or documented to the breadth or depth necessary for consolidating multiple systems into one target

Approach in data migration programs

Testing of migrated data from old to new systems could involvemigration testing to ensure the following:

  • Migration of data that was loaded by environment  and batch jobs
  • Cleansing  and standardization of data
  • Good quality of loaded data
  • Complete verification of loaded data and metadata — constraints, triggers, inbuilt functions, and stored procedures
  • Comprehensive testing of data model and data types
  • Good match of target system (database / reports) data with old system

Infosys Data Migration Testing offering

Infosys Data Migration Testing Services offer a comprehensive suite of tools, processes, and resource experts aligned with data migration needs in the following areas:

  • Database migration / upgrade
  • ETL migration / upgrade
  • Report migration / upgrade
  • Product migration
  • Cloud migration to data lake

Infosys advantage

  • Data migration test factory: Solutions and practices for various combination of migration testing projects  with robust test approaches / strategies, automation frameworks, tools / utilities, reusable artifacts, processes, and best practices for wide range of technologies are listed below:
    • Structured data migration testing methodology
    •  Process kits and reusable artifacts
    • Ready-to-use templates and checklists for test strategy, test scenarios, and test cases
    • Compilation of well-documented lessons learned, best practices, and case studies from already executed data migration testing programs
    • Regular workshops / training programs / lab sessions
  • Reusable test cases: Over 2000 generic reusable test cases available for reuse
    • RDBMS and ETL migration and upgradation scenarios
    • Platform migration scenarios including mainframe to teradata, SDFC-NETEZZA, legacy to big data, and others
    • Reports migration such as Cognos to micro strategy, SQL server reporting services (SSRS) to Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE)
  • Data migration testing tool kit: Over 20 tools available covering each testing phase of software testing life cycle (STLC)
  • Infosys IP for automated validation
    • Infosys Data Testing Workbench to accelerate data comparison and DQ analysis
    • BI tester 3.0 –for accelerated report verification, data comparison, and DQ analysis


  • Reduction in TCO
  • 25 percent in test scripting
  • 20 percent in test data setup
  • 30 percent in test execution
  • Faster time to market through reduction of 20 – 35 percent life cycle
  • Increased efficiency through 100 percent test coverage
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