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Extreme automation

In today's world, businesses which embrace new technology trends, possess a strategic advantage to innovate and deliver solutions to their customers with greater agility. Enterprises should be highly tuned in to the market needs and quick to adapt dynamic changes in their business environments. Customers want device / platform / system agnostic applications that are easy-to-use and easily integrated. The need for faster time-to-market requires an ever-decreasing span from application conception to go-live, thereby necessitating continuous application delivery and integration. Further, enterprises are under pressure to reduce their information technology (IT) costs. They want radical alternatives that are cost-effective, automated, and resource-efficient.

Challenges of Extreme Automation

Owing to the rising need for extreme automation, quality assurance (QA) services are saddled with complex demands from application development, maintenance, and release management - such as:

  • Early adoption – Automation of QA should rise above mere regression testing. Such automation should be adopted early and be implemented across the lifecycle of the application.
  • Need for agile – QA automation should enable agile development with continuous integration and continuous delivery. It should also support DevOps with automated build and deployment processes.
  • End-to-end automation – Automation should be implemented across all stages of application lifecycle and across all architecture layers. Further, this automation should be skill agnostic.
  • Faster return on investment (ROI) – Enterprises should be able to achieve cost benefits on automation within fewer release cycles. They also want to minimize costs for developing and maintaining the automation suite.

Infosys key offerings

Quality assurance automation can help enterprises benefit from higher productivity, lower costs and better application integration. Infosys provides the following offerings for QA automation:

  • Automating the automation – Model based testing using Infosys IP (Infosys Test Solution Platform-ITSP), open source and third party tools
  • DevOps automation
  • Automation across architecture layers
  • Early automation
  • Automating the automation
  • Life cycle automation
  • Service virtualization
  • Peripheral automation using robotics
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) testing automation

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