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Infosys Functional Test Case Generator

Infosys Functional Test Case Generator is a risk-driven, model-based testing solution that reduces test planning effort, and saves time and cost. It ensures high quality of testing during the functional and regression testing phases through early detection of defects. The solution provides pre-built, easy-to-customize scenarios for all domains, and ensures that the test assets are available from day one itself.

Functional Test Case Generator helps address the key challenges encountered in testing:

  • Business-IT alignment in testing is achieved by capturing requirements in the form of process models, using tools that help identify incompleteness or inconsistencies much earlier in the requirement gathering or analysis phase, thereby, facilitating effective and efficient reviews.
  • Early identification of defects in the test cycle accelerates the time to market while containing costs and reducing total cost of quality.
  • Traditionally, automation has focused on accelerating test execution. However, automation of test planning is fast becoming a business imperative.
  • The evolution of applications and software makes maintenance of test suites and managing the associated change impact extremely challenging.

Key features

  • Enables automation of test case design in manual functional testing engagements, ensuring increased productivity during the test planning phase
  • Captures requirements as models in terms of Visio / Rational Rose / Infosys InFlux activity diagrams
  • Facilitates validation of requirements using the unique concept of ‘unit of behavior’
  • Auto-generates test cases from the models in Microsoft Excel / HTML / Text / XML formats
  • Performs change impact analysis and generates regression test cases from successive versions of models
  • Output compatible with test management tools
  • Generation of reports to ensure complete traceability
Lack of business-IT alignment during testing
  • Creates models to capture requirements
  • Prepackaged domain enabled accelerators
  • Ready-to-use pre-built scenarios
  • Exhaustive test case generation
  • Identifies gaps in requirement
  • Reduces effort in scenario identification and test case creation
  • Improves coverage of all business processes
Intensive effort during test case creation
  • Automated test design from models
  • Regression impact analysis and automated test case generation
  • Automatically identify the impacted test cases and generate new test cases
  • Saves 40% to 60% in test planning
  • Significantly reduces test planning efforts during regression testing
Losses caused by defects that are detected late in the testing cycle
  • Auto validation of requirements
  • Risk-based prioritization of requirements
  • Identifies gaps and inconsistencies before test planning
  • Ensures that critical functionalities are tested earlier
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