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Hosted Test Environment Management services

Testing services involve multiple vendors and substantial investments in test infrastructure, resulting in significant costs and efforts in vendor management.

Infosys Hosted Test Environment Management Service provides clients with people, technology and infrastructure, and security and standards compliance under one roof.


  • Infosys i-PRISE (integrated Process Repository for IT Infrastructure Services Excellence), an integrated set of processes designed for IT infrastructure services, incorporates best practices from various industry frameworks to accelerate delivery and enhance the quality of processes.
  • Infosys Infrastructure Management Platform (I2MP), an integrated tools platform based on the ITIL framework and best-of-breed tools for end-to-end infrastructure and information technology service management (ITSM) support. It integrates monitoring, event correlation, and service management tools to help support teams to work concurrently.
  • Alliances with leading IT vendors enable prompt technical support, and ensure best-of-breed tools and infrastructure at competitive prices.

  • Significant investment in test infrastructure
  • Lead time in procurement
  • Vendor commitment
  • Secure, on-demand test infrastructure comprising network, hardware, software – operating software, database, application server and Web server
  • Test tools for test case management, defect management, test data, etc.
  • ‘Pay-for-what-you-use’ model
  • Eliminates vendor commitment
  • Accelerates 'go to market'
  • Minimizes lead time in infrastructure provisioning
  • Shifts spending from Capex to Opex
  • Overheads to manage IP and licenses
  • Safety, security and standards compliance
  • Test environment management services provide a framework for infrastructure setup, application management, environment monitoring, incident management services, configuration management, release management, security management, test data management, and support services
  • Standardized processes and automated frameworks
  • Continuous process improvement
  • Improves availability, predictability and serviceability
  • Ensures security and standards compliance
  • Eliminates overheads in test environment infrastructure management
  • Availability of test infrastructure for multiple projects
  • End-to-end managed test infrastructure service incorporates application-relevant optimization in the infrastructure
  • Effective configuration of application infrastructure
  • Measurable service-level agreements (SLAs)
  • Highest utilization of servers improves ROI
  • Provisions hardware only for the required duration
  • Helps avoid long-duration contracts with hardware vendors

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