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Oracle Siebel Business Process Testing

IT applications are the lifeblood of modern information-driven businesses. Since the cost of package implementations can run into millions of dollars, testing performs a critical role. Companies face several challenges during functional testing:

  • Insufficient coverage during regression testing due to time-to-market and cost overrun
  • Huge setup time and cost both for manual and automated test scripts
  • Prohibitive maintenance cost of test scripts due to script redundancies

Infosys Oracle Siebel Business Process Testing accelerator is based on HP Business Process Testing software. It contains pre-built test cases and best practices to quickly and cost-effectively automate the Oracle Siebel functional testing suite across industries. Currently, our solution is tailored for Finance and Telecom, but can be easily customized for other industries. It integrates business and testing teams by allowing non-technical business analysts to create and maintain automated tests.

Backed by robust alliances with HP and Oracle (Certified Advantage Partner), our solution will help you realize several benefits:

  • Reduce go-to-market time by 80%
  • Enhance client delivery confidence
  • Return on Investment of over 81%
  • Reduce maintenance cycle by nearly 75%

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