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Predictive Analytics in QA

Infosys Predictive Analytics in QA solution focuses on real defect data and data from social media. It provides a 360 degree view on behavior of applications in production as well as its impact on customer’s sentiments. It helps companies minimize risks, increase agility, and bring in customer centricity to QA approach.

It provides a formal mechanism for feedback flow from one life cycle stage to another that helps in prioritization of key areas throughout the project lifecycle.

Challenges in traditional QA approach

  • Testing is limited to business or technical requirements and ignores customers’ usage patterns which results in gaps in customers’ expectations.
  • Traditional testing fails to adapt to real-time learning, lacks feedback loop.
  • Testing is inward-focused rather than customer-focused.
  • In spite of fully ‘functional’ applications, the customers may not always be satisfied.

Infosys Predictive Analytics in QA solution enables you to address these above mentioned challenges and provides a comprehensive 360 degree view of application issues.

Brochure: Infosys Predictive Analytics in QA service offering

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