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In the new corporate world, 'change' is the only constant and organizations are grappling with ways to meet the ever-changing expectations of key stakeholders, especially customers. Market dynamics — mergers and acquisitions, global roll outs, risks and compliance, global customers, mobile commerce, data and analytics — are reshaping expectations from the information technology (IT) teams. The role of IT is expected to expand in multiple dimensions to bring positive impact within organizations.

These dynamics are leading to a transformation in software testing groups — from typical Quality Assurance (QA) driven to Quality Engineering focused. This shift needs rethinking of testing role across various phases viz., Requirements, Build, Test and Environment with an objective to improve customer experience and business value. They key focus areas of Infosys Quality Engineering Service are,

  • Transform Enterprise QA strategies to handle complex integrations and diverse technology platforms
  • Shift Left with increased Dev-QA-Environment collaboration and re-shaping of QA skills to be more specialized and technology- focused
  • Improve decision making leveraging Analytics-driven QA with a focus on 4 key Dimensions (Customer Sentiments, Defects, Machine, User)
  • Enhance Enterprise Automation through Machine Learning(ML)/Artificial Intelligence(AI)
  • Measure and deliver Business value through QA

Infosys Quality Engineering service offerings

Quality Engineering Consulting Services 
  • Enterprise quality: To ensure a risk-free and value-driven delivery, it is critical that organizations define and implement tools, technologies, and methods that are in line with business goals and aspirations of the organization. Infosys ASSURE framework (Assess, Standardize, Streamline, Understand, Report and Ensure quality) provides a comprehensive approach to testing and quality assurance, encompassing aspects of Testing Maturity Assessment, Process Standardization, Defining and Deploying Enterprise-wide QA strategy, QA Tooling strategy, and Test Infrastructure strategy
  • Enterprise automation: As organizations move towards achieving rapid delivery of services to fulfill customer demands, automation becomes key element for success. Testing Industry has matured in Automation implementation and Industry is in a critical stage to bring additional value through automation. Infosys recognizes this need and brings in 'AI/ML led Test automation' solution to bring in step changes in test automation. Some of the key aspects of Infosys AI/ML Led Test Automation are, Machine Learning Assisted Test Optimization, AI-Led Defect Prediction, Robotics Process automation for peripheral testing and Automated Testing using Machine Learning
  • Shift-left and strengthen right: With the shift towards mobile commerce, and adoption of social, cloud, and Internet of Things (IoT) and global IT programs rollout in Agile; QA is expected to shift left and strengthen right to embrace technology and business priorities. There is a need for QA to align more with development while ensuring there is continuous improvement in production quality that drives business benefit. We help customers adopt newer strategies in QA like test-driven development, analytics-driven QA, application programming interface (API) testing, early performance engineering, and continuous automation as key to achieving the objective of managing quality upstream
  • Agility: To meet the business goal of rapid deployment, organizations need to embrace change related to process and technology. While automation is the key lever to address technology, agile and DevOps capabilities have been identified as key process levers. Based on our experience from several hundred implementations across the globe and by leveraging industry best practices, we are able to help accelerate the adoption of QA agile processes
  • Business value: Infosys brings a unique end-to-end value proposition to help catalyze innovation-driven, business transformation by leveraging Zero Distance (ZD) and Design Thinking (DT) approaches. While defining QA solutions, we offer more desirable and feasible options that leverage innovation and are customer centric. Infosys QA solution offerings are designed with the key objectives of Improved Customer Experience by leveraging AI/ML lead Sentiment analysis and Usability Testing and cost efficiency gains by reduced UAT efforts and High Availability of systems to further enhance the business value

Infosys Quality Engineering consulting helps your organization transform to a Quality Engineering and delivers superior value to your end customers.

Brochure: Infosys Quality Engineering service offering.

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