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QA Transformation and Consulting

To ensure a risk-free and value-driven delivery, it is critical that organizations define and implement tools, technologies, and methods that are in line with the business goals and aspirations of the organization. Infosys QA Transformation and Consulting provides a comprehensive approach to testing and quality assurance, encompassing aspects of enterprise-wide QA strategy, maturity assessment, QA tools, and infrastructure strategy.

Organizations, often, drive excellence in development methods but fail when it comes to quality assurance and testing. Infosys QA Transformation and Consulting provides a comprehensive approach that encompasses the following aspects:

  • Enterprise-wide QA strategy
    This strategy defines the mandate, structure, functions, and the operating model of an organization. In line with the vision and the business goals of the company, this mandate embraces all stakeholder interests and includes the definitions of common and specialized testing services. The strategy also includes operating model aspects such as who owns the budget, people, projects, and the interfaces between various stakeholder groups to govern the QA and testing practice.
  • Maturity assessment
    This helps the management understand the ‘as-is’ status of the QA and testing practice of their organization. The developed maturity model of Infosys provides a healthy balance between business pragmatism and process discipline – a challenge that every organization faces. Often, business expediency imposes shortcuts in processes to meet budget and time constraints leading to production failures. On the flip side, process discipline cannot overreach itself to override business pragmatism leading to unnecessary delays in cost escalations when none was warranted. Our ‘as-is’ assessment takes into account such a balance.
  • QA tools and infrastructure strategy
    Tools, technologies, and test infrastructure form a critical component of any QA / testing organization. Organizations either underspend on tools leading to elongated test cycles and delays in production milestones or overspend leading to an increase in capital expenditure. Infosys QA tools and infrastructure strategy takes into account IT architecture components, technologies, and release cycles along with all technological and business factors.

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