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Testing Center of Excellence Solution

To ensure reliability, availability and stability of applications, enterprises must focus on quality assurance. To achieve this, they need to build dedicated quality teams. Infosys Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) solution is a robust framework that enables enterprises to establish strong quality processes. It comprises strategic assets (people, process and technology) tied together to realize the vision of a centralized quality organization. The TCoE framework leverages tools, techniques and methodologies to deliver near-zero-defect applications to clients. A TCoE is implemented in multiple phases, with distinct focus areas for each phase.

We enable you to:

  • Perform a gap analysis on current testing practices
  • Define a vision and implementation road map
  • Establish a governance mechanism
  • Set up components of the TCoE-like test automation centers and performance testing centers
  • Communicate regularly at all organizational levels
  • Ensure smooth progress of the implementation

We help you:

  • Maximize ROI from software testing through consolidation and standardization
  • Minimize production support costs by ensuring fewer defects leak into production
  • Deliver higher customer satisfaction and employee engagement with improved quality of software
  • Minimize time to market for new functionality
  • Achieve a culture of high performance and high job satisfaction

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