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Usability and Accessibility Testing and Validation Services

Global companies establish an online presence to increase sales and decrease their cost of operations. However, they are faced with several challenges while enhancing the usability and accessibility of their websites. Online enterprises need to:

  • Provide an enhanced customer experience by integrating disparate technologies
  • Retain customers by providing user-friendly interfaces
  • Grow their customer base by helping differently-abled users access websites
  • Comply with statutory regulations and W3C guidelines

Infosys Usability and Accessibility Testing and Validation Solutions enhance the usability and accessibility of content for websites, intranet or mobile applications. Our holistic approach to website development leverages user-centric design, development and testing methods. The Infosys Validation Solutions and verification services ensure an enhanced customer experience, and compliance with regulations, industry standards, and guidelines.

The Infosys advantage
  • Model-based testing approach to capture requirements effectively
  • Automatic generation of scenarios / tasks for heuristic review and usability testing
  • Hybrid user research and sourcing to improve overall usability
  • Intellectual property (IP), tools and frameworks
  • Team of experts in eye-capturing techniques and software
  • Proprietary accessibility audit software for early detection and correction of accessibility issues and continuous post-production monitoring
Enhancing the user experience
  • Deep understanding of diverse and disparate user requirements
  • Proprietary requirements elicitation software using models to capture complete ‘context of use’
  • Rich experience in creating user-centric designs (more than 300 till date)
  • Usability laboratory, eye-capturing software, accessibility- audit software, automatic scenario-generation software, and browser-compatibility framework
  • Accessibility guidelines incorporated early in the development life cycle
  • Accurate capturing of requirements
  • High-quality and complete user scenarios
  • Global best practices
  • Accessible by users with disabilities
  • Compatible with widely used technologies and platforms
  • Improves usability by enhancing task efficiency, reducing training cost, minimizing errors, and increasing site visits and overall satisfaction
  • Provides a seamless user experience
Reducing cost while ensuring quality
  • Hybrid model of sourcing test subjects for iterative user testing of website / application
  • State-of-the-art test lab and frameworks to assess Web accessibility for code verification and screen reading
  • Research expertise, subject matter experts, and proven experience in usability and accessibility testing
  • Eliminates up to 99% manual effort in code verification
  • Reduces effort in screen reading by almost 60%
  • Lowers cost significantly
  • Ensures high quality
Regulatory compliance irrespective of changes in the production system
  • Infosys iProwe audits compliance with W3C and country-specific standards
  • Industry-standard screen readers and accessibility tools
  • Infosys iProwe scans websites at frequent intervals to determine the impact of change and address it
  • Automated audit for accessibility and remedial solutions
  • Team of accessibility experts and skilled testers
  • Ensures regulatory compliance
  • Reduces manual effort
  • Reduces cost
  • Accelerates time to market

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