bpost adopts omnichannel approach for logistics

bpost (Belgium Post Group) partnered with Infosys to implement omnichannel logistics. Forbes reports that bpost deployed advanced digital solutions to transform the customer and employee experience as well as drive operational excellence.

bpost is focused on becoming a leading e-commerce logistics company by increasing digital engagement with a suite of applications.


bpost provides customers with a consistent experience across mobile device, online, and brick-and-mortar store. In addition, customers can avail of a convenient registered mail service. Infosys has digitalized a customer opt-in process that allows the postman to deliver mail at the recipient’s mailbox or an alternative address rather than retrieve it from the bpost store.


bpost onboards and engages with employees with smart applications.

The postman accesses real-time data about traffic jams and roadworks on a smartphone app for efficient delivery. The delivery staff gets customer feedback and performance rating vis-à-vis peers on the same app.

The truck driver views the pick-up and delivery locations on the app for optimal route planning and scheduling.

Employees at bpost stores and offices use the app for Covid-19 safety features and office or cubicle booking. A virtual assistant enables claims processing and travel bookings, and triggers alerts.


A fleet management application offers real-time status of delivery vehicles movement, deviation from optimal route, loading and arrival time.

At the warehouse, a mobile sorting application measures the weight and dimension of packages and generates labels. Infosys automated package sorting with overhead projectors that scan barcodes using computer vision and artificial intelligence / machine learning. A beam of light points the package to a container that gets loaded onto the delivery vehicle.

Infosys Living Labs incubated digital solutions implemented at bpost. Our ecosystem develops innovative logistical solutions and drives the digital journey of logistics companies.

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