An American retail chain wanted to upgrade its PTC FlexPLM software. The existing legacy system was archaic while the hardware neared obsolescence.

Infosys went beyond upgrading the product lifecycle management system to effect a business transformation by implementing PTC FlexPLM v11.1 on the cloud.

Key Challenges

The retail chain wanted to address several business issues:

  • Lack of unified view and real-time visibility into data
    • Inconsistent processes across product design
    • Inability to analyze historical fabric consumption and make accurate projections
    • Time lag from concept to production
  • Limited collaboration among business units and with external suppliers, labs, mills, and vendors
    • Ecosystem of internal and external users worked in silos
    • Lack of data integration hindered information flow across systems and stakeholders

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The Solution

PLM solution provides ‘single source of truth’ for data across the product range and enhances collaboration in the retail ecosystem

Infosys interacted with the business units (BUs) as well as vendors / suppliers to understand their business needs. A vendor portal enabled collaboration between merchandise suppliers and mills, and decision makers of the retail chain.

Our team undertook a 360-degree business process re-engineering exercise to provide a ‘single source of truth.’ It resulted in a 25% increase in efficiency of the sourcing process, contributing to enhanced pricing capabilities.

Infosys implemented PTC FlexPLM V11.1 to drive collaboration, sourcing, and product development capabilities. Our team streamlined business processes such as color approval to avoid duplication of fabric color during material sourcing and apparel production. Similarly, the sourcing team benefits from a streamlined product costing and quotation management process for product development by leveraging a standardized calculation logic and data entry interface. It simplifies the costing process, ensures data integrity, and provides visibility into cost for accurate product decisions.

Our team implemented 90% of applications by maximizing out-of-the-box functionalities while reducing customization to minimize the total cost of operations. Significantly, our approach increased process efficiencies with minimal human oversight, delivered raw material cost savings, and accelerated time-to-market by around 20%.

Infosys implemented a holistic data management strategy to achieve data integrity. Our team cleansed data and developed data migration tools to prevent disruption.

Our cloud-hosted PLM solution supports products and materials testing to comply with regulations in different markets. We created a library of special claims, testing specifications, guidelines, and conditions; and standards for product development. Products with special claims are integrated with Lab systems where testing is undertaken with results. It is integrated with the PLM system to provide the retail chain with a dashboard view for regulatory compliance and risk mitigation across the product development lifecycle.

PLM solution accelerates apparel design from concept to execution

  • 100% visibility into product development across business units
  • 15% productivity improvement by enhancing collaboration and eliminating manual intervention
  • Calendar and workflow monitors milestones during the season
  • Availability of 2,000+ test scripts in a test case repository


Infosys replaced the legacy system with a PLM solution hosted on the cloud

Delivered comprehensive coverage — apparel and non-apparel business units

Delivered comprehensive coverage — apparel and non-apparel business units

Improved adoption by 100%, from 27 – 56%

Improved adoption by 100%, from 27 – 56%

Improved vendor/supplier collaboration with 20 – 30% increase in sourcing process efficiencies

Improved vendor/supplier collaboration with 20 – 30% increase in sourcing process efficiencies

Provided ability to store and archive stock keeping unit (SKU) and product data

Provided ability to store and archive product data