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Your grocery store needs to transcend aisles and meet the expectations of digital consumers. You need to converge physical and online retailing to replenish the shopping basket / cart and increase profitability.

The Infosys Retail practice partners with grocery stores to enhance shopper experience management. We develop fulfillment models based on demand forecasting and business intelligence. Our location-based services help brick-and-mortar grocery retailers influence shopping behavior at the store. We also build virtual grocery stores that recreate the store experience for millennial shoppers.

Infosys advantage

  • Consultants recommend new grocery retailing business models
  • Ethnographic approach to develop buying personas
  • Rich experience in implementing variations of click-and-collect models, drop boxes and dark stores
  • Analytical tools provide business insights into the shopping experience by analyzing data from multiple channels
  • Suite of 'last-mile' logistics solutions for prompt delivery

Infosys services for grocery stores

Grocery Inventory Management and POS System




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