Consumer Spotlight: Can Supply Chains be Lean, Mean and Green?

Welcome to the 5th edition of Consumer Spotlight, our virtual discussion series. Join us for a live webinar.

Balancing resiliency, agility, and sustainability in supply chains can be a challenge. But with better integrations and more autonomous technologies, the myth of lean, mean, and green supply chains can become real. Our digital experts navigate the shifts in supply chains across CPG, retail, and logistics so that businesses can become more agile, responsive and resilient in the face of disruption.

Our digital experts discuss the business imperatives of supply chains and share how digitalization helps maximize operational efficiencies. Understand the nuances of supply chain performance in CPG, retail, and logistics. The conversation focuses on the sweet spot of supply chain excellence: visibility, business intelligence and agility. The experts make a case for autonomous supply chains to synchronize demand with supply, enhance accuracy in demand forecasting, and enable optimal inventory management. We conclude with a discussion on the digital ecosystem, order fulfilment platforms, cybersecurity, sustainability and use cases across CPG, retail, and logistics supply chains.

Watch the on-demand webinar here

Key Takeaways

  • Evaluate shifts and assess existing / emerging supply chain risks in CPG, retail, and logistics
  • Prioritize business outcomes of autonomous supply chains in the backdrop of digitalization and sustainability
  • Convert real-time data into actionable business insights
  • Navigate the sensitive balance between resilience & agility, and predictability & sustainability
  • Explore use cases across the supply chain continuum of CPG, retail, and logistics


Samad Masood

Samad Masood, Content Strategy Lead, Infosys Knowledge Institute


Paula Natoli

Paula Natoli, Head of Supply Chain & Logistics Industry Solutions, Americas, Google Cloud

Neeraj Dixit

Neeraj Dixit, Senior Industry Principal -Data Science and Analytics, Infosys

Smitha S

Smitha S, Client Partner - Data Science and Analytics, Infosys

Sachin Jangam

Sachin Jangam, Partner, Infosys Consulting

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