JG Summit has become more customer-centric after a digital transformation

JG Summit Holdings, Inc., a diversified conglomerate in the Philippines, partnered with Infosys to undertake a business transformation. In a three-part interview, the Group Chief Information Officer, Carlos G. Santos, discusses the journey of how JG Summit has become more agile and responsive by adopting digital technologies.

How to be a successful CIO during a digital transformation

Everyone wants a cool technology, but the CIO should decide whether it is needed, and where it is a perfect fit. The CIO is a bridge between technology and the business, enabling the team to become leaders who drive transformation.

The 3 Cs of a successful partnership

Firstly, a company should look for a partner with the capability to undertake a digital transformation. Second, the partner should have a technically qualified team with the capacity to undertake the project. Finally, a successful partnership provides the company with flexibility in terms of cost, which works out more cost-effective than if the company undertook the project on its own.


Enterprises can have manufacturing, logistics, and retail capabilities. Alternatively, they can engage partners for these functions. For the end consumer, all that matters is that the product is user-friendly and reaches their doorstep in time.

Listen to the entire conversation here.