Elevating Excellence: Aeroméxico and Infosys collaboration leading the way with Cloud

"We started the journey two & half years ago and at the early stages of this process, we knew that we want to go to a single cloud provider. Combined with Infosys partnership, we focus on people and develop people & skills."
Fernando Rocha, VP IT and CIO, Aeroméxico

Aeroméxico's leaders, Fernando Rocha, CIO, and David Sanchez, Enterprise Architect & eBusiness Director, engaged in a compelling conversation about their transformative partnership with Infosys. In this interview, moderated by Samik Ghatak, AVP, Travel and Hospitality, Infosys, the discussion highlights how this collaboration is driving significant advancements in people, and skills through technology.

Fernando and David emphasized how it is crucial developing the skills of their workforce, ensuring that their team is equipped to leverage cutting-edge tools and technologies and the importance of their partnership with Infosys in navigating the rapidly evolving technological landscape. They stressed the need for advanced tools that can enhance & optimize these processes and fully exploit the data models they have developed.

“In Aeroméxico, we have a lot of critical processes where we really need tools that help us do improvements to really take advantage of the data, of the models, that we have created. So currently we are doing an analysis of the best use-cases to implement these strategies to utilize the new AWS tools, that Infosys is bringing to Aeroméxico with their expertise"
David Sanchez, Enterprise Architect & eBusiness Director, Aeroméxico

This testimonial underscores the dynamic synergy between Aeroméxico and Infosys, showcasing their joint efforts in transforming business processes, and driving change by fostering innovation.