Infosys accelerated fixed price and fixed scope EPM cloud service offering is available for all EPM products – Enterprise Planning, Financial Consolidation and Close, Account Reconciliation, Enterprise Data Management, Profitability and Cost Management, Narrative Reporting and Oracle Analytics Cloud, for various market segments. These offerings allow a customer more predictability about the service and gives detailed visibility into their financial transformation from either excel or any other tool to best in class Oracle Cloud EPM solutions.

Why partner with Infosys in your transformation journey?


Infosys can accelerate the transformation of your enterprise through:

  • Comprehensive portfolio for financial transformation
  • Powerful methodology and tools for strong and integrated value acceleration to EPM Cloud
  • Dedicated center of excellence with experienced Oracle EPM professionals

Challenges & Solutions

  • Infosys offers fixed price/fixed scope accelerated service offering for every product in the Oracle EPM service landscape
  • Infosys has service offering for each product based on Oracle standard and enterprise licensing model

  • High value in lower price
  • Rapid start to each phase through Infosys tools and accelerators which brings approximately 20% saving on the overall project

With Infosys EPM offerings, a customer gets three options to choose from - iBasic, iExtend, and iAdvanced — depending upon complexity, scope, and size of implementation. These offerings are available for each EPM product and fit Oracle’s standard and enterprise licensing models.