A leading Australian bank and financial service provider


Key Challenges

Business critical applications needed a solution to build robust and fail-proof regression suite


Increased complexity due to third party vendor applications built on legacy systems and out of support technologies

The Impact


effort reduction per release through fully automated extreme automation


The Solution

Automated regression testing

As part of the design thinking approach, deep dive sessions were conducted for developing a robust and fail proof automated regression testing strategy.

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Automated 60% of regression scenarios which led to 95% business scenario coverage, with 100% adherence to schedule and 0% slippage in SLAs

  • As part of the unique design thinking approach, deep dive sessions with all stakeholders were conducted to analyze production data and identify business critical products
  • Brain storming sessions with technical teams resulted in building a customized and model-based test automation suite with componentized, configurable and reusable scripts for ‘out of support’ legacy technologies
  • Developed a continuous testing framework that can be hooked to a DevOps pipeline

One click Model-based automation solution

The extreme test automation solution has enabled a model-driven test configuration and execution across multiple environments, combining a fully automated test data provisioning and analytics driven test reporting


Do More With Less in Software Testing

This explains some cost-effective strategies that enable efficiency while ensuring high-quality output.

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