A fintech company is offering a wide variety of digital offerings to its banking clients using their cloud-native technology platform. With the aim of transforming technology in the financial services industry, time to market and platform quality are critical success factors for the organization.

The client was looking for a strategic partner to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its existing processes and systems. This could be done by:

  • Implementing continuous testing
  • Parallel executions across multiple environments and regions
  • Developing an extreme automation solution
  • Using home-grown automated test data provisioning solution

Key challenges

  • Meeting quality standards is demanding as the evolving technologies change with each new release
  • 95% of testing was manual
  • Complex compliances such as PII, PSD2, PCA, ISO20022, SEPA and GDPR

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The Solution

Continuous testing process complemented by progressive and aggressive automation approach

Using continuous testing implementation and automation, Infosys solution leveraged:

  • Definition of Ready (DoR) and acceptance criteria to help align the release goals
  • Set up extreme agile delivery model with feature teams comprising of developers and SDETs
  • 40+ feature teams (~300 developers and SDETs) working for a single monthly release goal
  • New generation quality process implementation which includes automation first, extreme automation and continuous testing
  • 95% regression automation achieved which supports a test base of 2000+ cases

Solution Highlights:

  • Continuous testing implemented with Kubernetes containers
  • Automation spread across four-layered API architecture
  • Improved automation coverage with automation framework
  • CI tool integration with framework-enabled continuous test runs on every successful build to measure the build quality
  • Rapid changes to the platform made possible with the agile process model
  • Reskilling of team members
  • Cucumber/Behavior Driven Development (BDD) format implemented for test preparation
  • Cloud-native microservices-based test data automation solution
  • Ownership of progressive automation was embedded into feature teams and release team testers for continuous regression test maintenance

Critical success factors of the bank facilitated by Infosys QA

Time to market and platform quality, critical success factors of the bank, were met with the below quality process implementation:

  • Embedding continuous testing within deployment pipelines for continuous development and continuous delivery
  • Using extreme automation and open source tools like Selenium and Jenkins for reduced test cycle time and improved test coverage


US$1 million in direct savings annually

95% test automation sustained for every release

Overall release testing cycle time reduced from 200 hours to two hours