A leading American satellite TV and OTT service provider wanted to launch wholesale 5G wireless services as part of their vision to build a 100% cloud-native, open radio access network (ORAN) compliant 5G network.

Being a new entrant to the consumer wireless market, the client needed a greenfield implementation of an OSS/BSS solution aligned to its 5G network. They chose Infosys as their partner for our strong quality engineering skills, a critical requirement for this pioneering project. The project included a greenfield AWS and VMWare CNCF 5G core, and ORAN deployment.

Key challenges

  • Managing the continuous discovery and constantly evolving requirements of a greenfield implementation
  • Aggressive timelines due to regulatory and market requirements
  • Complex business requirements for critical OSS business flows
  • Need for a QA automation framework to orchestrate end-to-end flows at UI and API levels
  • Need for component validation and reporting of all downstream applications for happy-path testing and fallout scenarios
  • Completely automated test suite had to be executed within 30 minutes on GitLab

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The Solution

Enabling end-to-end OSS/BSS integration testing for the world’s first greenfield cloud-native solution on a 5G core network

The objective was to build a scalable automation framework with enhanced test coverage that would deliver faster turnaround time for end-to-end execution and high confidence for production deployments.

Infosys successfully deployed the solution with end-to-end OSS integration testing. It was a complex, synchronous, and asynchronous integration design for a best-of-breed commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) and SaaS platform (SFDC, Apigee, BPI, Matrixx, DigitalRoute, ServiceNow, Nokia, IBM, Mavenir, D&G, Thales etc.).

Key highlights of the Infosys approach:

  • Built and integrated modular and parameterized scripts with the CI/CD pipeline, enabling parallel test execution
  • Integrated the test automation framework with a test management tool for automated defect logging and closure
  • Allowed auto-fetch and auto-reserve/reuse of test data, as needed
  • Deployed a real-time reporting dashboard display for drill-down reports with detailed view of test execution
  • Virtualized services for over 50 interfaces to accelerate test execution even in case of unavailability of downstream systems

Achieved 100% test automation through API-UI test automation framework integration and with CI/CD pipelines

  • Integrated API-UI test automation framework coupled with CI/CD pipeline to accelerate integration and end-to-end testing
  • Developed automated libraries to ensure modularity of test scripts
  • Executed test scripts in parallel through the pipeline
  • Handled defects (logged/re-opened/closed) by scripts during run-time for failures
  • Developed an auto-refresh Tableaux dashboard displaying drill-down reports with detailed views of test execution


Market expansion – The client extended their 5G wireless services to more than 120 cities across the US as per their business vision

Fast delivery – Enabled the client to launch greenfield wireless services from discovery to delivery in an aggressive timeline of 10 months

100% quality – Achieved 100% zero-defect business process validation

Improved efficiency – Enabled nearly 90% reduction in average test execution time, which was reduced from over 4 hours to 15 minutes

Rapid automation – Achieved nearly 90% regression automation and 85% in-sprint and progressive automation