America's leading health care company that sells traditional and consumer directed health care insurance and related services


Key Challenges

Generating EDI X12 test files for different vendors ensuring data accuracy, standardization and compliance was difficult


Manual mockup of file covering hundreds and thousands of attributes was error prone and required SME experience to know the dependencies and compliance guidelines


Manual handling of big volume of data caused failure, delay, rework and discontent to business

The Impact


reduction in turn-around time in End-to-End and UAT Testing


200 KUSD/Year business operational savings for client


95%+ of EDI healthcare test coverage


The Solution

EDITrans - A multiplayer portal with real time communication network to generate electronic transactions

Faster time to market by speeding up business cycles by 50%

Looking for a breakthrough solution?


EDITrans is a multiplayer portal which can generate electronic transactions of ANSI X12 Test files and structure related to healthcare, retail, automobile, transportation and manufacturing business in US.

The solution involved incremental approach to automate the creation of X12 files, for various business scenarios as per ANSI standards.

  • Faster time to market by speeding up business cycles by 50%.
  • Smarter as it prepares business files without EDI X12 file knowledge
  • Aids in Early testing by creating files with click of a button

Creation of X12 HIPPA compliant files for 12+ primary transactions so as to ensure smooth and seamless integration of its 33 external vendors or clearing houses and passing of data to 149+ downstream applications.

EDI X12 is a commonly used ANSI format in multiple industries like healthcare, retail, shipping etc. Several legacy automation techniques were used in the past to test EDI file generation and validation of database.

Solution with potential benefits across multiple industries

The solution can be used across any industry having an x12 digital transaction involved. Some potential domains are – Automobile, Manufacturing, Grocery, Transportation, and Retail.

The benefits are multi-fold:

  • Standardization as per X12 file formats (considering Compliances)
  • Improved Productivity: Maximize efficiency & minimize errors like manual data errors, shipping & billing address errors etc.
  • High test Coverage: All types of business scenarios can be created from UI without actual knowledge on creation of EDI files
  • Cost Savings: Automated file creation and processing thereby lowering manual creation and handling costs

The incremental approach to this solution was:

  • Tactical solution: The team piloted a solution using Java FX where a tester (not always a SME) could go and fill in necessary details on the UI screen and with a click of a button, X12 output for the necessary business segment was automatically generated.
  • Strategic Solution: The team is also working on enhancing this solution to a more user friendly strategic solution which could fetch existing data real time, is maintainable and scalable based on the test scenarios need, data storage and Smart search ability, one click file creation for business scenarios, bulk file creation, dynamic test scenarios generation, integration to Test Management tools, Analyze and find variances, AI enabled to help testers to know most reusable EDI test data and a provision to generate the outbound with minimal inputs.
Scalable, configurable and successful EDI X12 solution


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