Case Study

Major European Telecom company saves 70% in storage cost using data virtualization

A leading telecom provider in the EU region with services ranging from fixed line to mobile and HDTV (high-definition television) services, wanted to reduce their storage footprint. Client was challenged with high data refresh time and inefficient data testing. The decentralized production data made it hard to comply with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) norms for its vast array of databases across lines of business.

Infosys worked with the client to design and implement an end-to-end data virtualization and masking solution. This included analyzing and choosing the right tool for the solution from the vendors available in the market.

Key challenges

  • Unavailability of production data in test regions
  • No GDPR compliance due to absence of integrated masking solution for different telecom data flows
  • Long test data refresh window leading to slow test environment turnaround time
  • High storage cost with more than 500 Terabyte (TB) of data in 2000+ databases across 5 test regions

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The Solution

Leveraging Database Virtualization and Masking for Test Data Management

Infosys developed a platform called DAAS (Data as a Service) for non-production data requirements. DAAS platform generates an integrated set of virtualized production databases using gold copies of the source databases which can be refreshed and synced with production in real time. The gold copy databases are masked, and this masked copy is used to refresh the non-production databases in environment like Training, Integration, Production Support and User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

The solution:

  • Ingested more than 100 databases from production with compression rate of 50-70%
  • Performed reliable database migration and switch from physical to virtual database in multiple environments
  • Created compressed test environments and delivered automated and quick refresh of non-production environment with GDPR compliant data
  • Developed automation scripts for capacity planning, input / output collection, daily replication and rewind job auto trigger
  • Automated provisioning of test data and monitoring of the Test Data Management (TDM) framework
  • 100% automated monitoring and triggering of alerts / alarms for storage utilization of database servers, threshold check, status / defect check etc.

End-to-End business validation using full production data

  • Minimal effort for data generation and no DBA dependencies
  • Quick and automated Rewind on Snapshot for training environment using full copy of production DB
  • 100% test data coverage in test regions


100% compliance to GDPR with database virtualization and masking of 150+ databases

90% reduction in test data refresh window time and 20% reduction in test cycle time

Savings of 70% in storage cost using data virtualization