A conversation on revolutionizing customer experience with quality engineering

Infosys Quality Leadership Forum: Revolutionize customer experience with quality engineering

Infosys Quality Engineering hosted its fourth Quality Leadership Forum on December 14, 2023. The event featured an engaging panel discussion featuring Vallabh Bhandare, Head of Testing, Alshaya Group, and Vasudeva Naidu, VP and Delivery Head, Infosys Quality Engineering. The discussion, which was moderated by Harleen Bedi, AVP, Senior Industry Principal, Infosys Quality Engineering, focused on the latest trends in quality engineering and strategies for reimagining customer experience. The panelists also shared their perspectives on infusing artificial intelligence (AI), its broader benefits, and the best strategies to weather the ever-changing market trends.


There were several key takeaways from the panel discussion for devising test-led strategies for modern enterprises:

  • It is the dawn of a new era of quality engineering powered by advancements in AI/machine learning and generative AI
  • Enterprises must revamp heterogenous, tedious, and complex testing use cases with generative AI for efficient test case design, test data generation, and AI model assurance
  • Emergence of “proof of value” over “proof of concept” with an increased focus on business outcomes over operational outputs to elevate customer experience
  • Multipronged benefits of continuous testing such as reduction of overall costs, improvement in production stability, and accelerated progress in the software development life cycle (SDLC)
  • Need to balance agility, quality, and continuous testing for seamless customer experience
  • Greater adoption of product-centric value delivery required to enhance the speed and efficiency of quality engineering led initiatives
  • Learning ecosystem critical for a culture of innovation and open-mindedness to motivate quality engineering talent

The valuable insights that emerged from the panel discussion can form the backbone of quality engineering strategies to help organizations create future-proof businesses.

Infosys is leading the quality engineering revolution with generative AI solutions using Infosys Topaz. This AI-first set of services, solutions and platforms helps empower enterprises by accelerating growth, building connected ecosystems, and unlocking efficiencies at scale. Infosys Quality Engineering further leverages Infosys Cobalt to enable the rapid launch of solutions and creation of new business models to meet changing market needs.