Infosys Big Data and Analytics Testing services ensure 100% validation of all structured and unstructured data with focus on achieving superior data quality. Our end-to-end testing methodology addresses all Big Data testing requirements including testing metrics definition, tooling, and test data needs.

With the Infosys Big Data Testing solution, leveraging machine learning based validation techniques for predictive analytics, you can reduce costs by up to 30% and time-to-market by up to 20%.

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How Infosys Big data and analytics testing solution helps enterprises:

  • Proven accelerators such as Infosys Data Testing Workbench, Analytics Validation Platform, BI Tester 3.0 for extreme automation
  • Infosys 4D++ Testing Framework for addressing functional and non-functional Big Data testing needs (++ refers to non-functional parts – performance and security testing)
  • Extensive reusable assets including process repository, re-usable strategies and tools
  • CoE-driven big data skill builder, lab for research and development of frameworks and utilities, continuous training and expert-competence enablement

Challenges & Solutions

Infosys Data Testing Workbench: An Infosys innovation which helps to validate data ingestion in big data systems, migration to Data Lake, and data quality, saving up to 40 percent of test execution effort.

Infosys Big Data Analytics Validation platform: For automated validation of predictive analytics in cloud.

Data Quality Analyzer (DQA) framework: For Big Data platforms which provides 100 percent accuracy for business rules validation.

Infosys 4D++ Test Approach: Covers all possible methods of big data testing while addressing functional and non-functional Big Data testing requirements. Provides 35% reduction in effort and 100% data coverage for testing.