Infosys Data Migration Testing Services offer a comprehensive suite of tools, processes, and resource experts aligned with data migration needs.

Our Data migration testing services include:

  • Database migration / upgrade
  • ETL migration / upgrade
  • Report migration / upgrade
  • Product migration
  • Cloud migration to data lake

Looking for comprehensive data migration testing solutions?


How Infosys Data Migration Testing services help enterprises:

  • Data migration test factory: Solutions and practices for various combinations of migration testing projects with robust test approaches/strategies, automation frameworks, tools/utilities, reusable artifacts, processes BI tester 3.0 – for accelerated report verification, data comparison, and data quality (DQ) analysis
  • Reusable test cases: Over 2000 generic reusable test cases available for reuse
  • Data migration testing tool kit: Over 20 tools available covering each testing phase of software testing life cycle (STLC)
  • Infosys IP for automated validation
    • Infosys Data Testing Workbench to accelerate data comparison and DQ analysis
    • BI tester 3.0 – for accelerated report verification, data comparison, and DQ analysis

Challenges & Solutions

Data comparison check is performed to ensure data movement and transformation across the ETL layers is as per the mapping.

Reconciliation check consists of comparison of counts/totals/balance for all the transformed accounts at various levels and dimensions. For Example – Checking of Customer Count by Status, By Account Type, By Region etc.

Data quality Check will be performed at entity or table level to identify bad data flowing from source data

Comprehensive data migration testing helps make data migration predictable and ensures first-time releases are accurate.