Infosys Security Testing offers services across the systems development life cycle (SDLC). We introduce a shift-left approach for security testing to ensure security takes first priority and security risks are mitigated.

Our domain expertise and experience enables us to deliver quality, speed and cost effectiveness in such programs.

Infosys unique approach for static and dynamic application security testing helps enterprises protect assets from emerging security threats.

Looking for security testing solutions?


How Infosys Security Testing services help enterprises:

  • Differentiators:
    • A wide range of solutions and technology accelerators that include:
      • Trusted application development and maintenance framework for secure SDLC
      • Application security assessment tool
      • Threat intelligence tool (Threat analyzer, attacks analyzer)
      • Mobile application security framework
    • Security testing automation using commercial and open source tools
    • Automated mobile penetration testing – Infosys Android Pen test tool
    • Data privacy and data masking tool
    • Emerging technologies security testing (IoT, big data)
  • Infosys zero distance to security
    • Security to everyone by making security affordable and easy to adapt (reusable artifacts, evangelization sessions, playbooks and roadshows)
    • Cloud-based security testing services
  • Infosys Center of Emerging Technology Solution (iCETS) security CoE


Challenges & Solutions

White box testing – Security code analysis in build phase

Gray box testing – Application security/pen testing along with SIT

Integrate static/secure code analysis (SCA) tools in DevOps

Tool based web application vulnerability scanning for continuous detection of security issues