Infosys Test Data Management Services ensures a high degree of test coverage, by providing the right data, in the right quantity, and at the right time, in a non-production environment.

Our services blend data management practices, in-house test data management tools and partner solutions to deliver end-to-end traceability of test data.

Looking for solution to manage test data?


How Infosys Test Data Management solution helps enterprises:

It is an automated request based test data provisioning system. It follows a modular approach which maximizes re-use and provides end to end visibility of test data management activities.

  • 40% reduction in overall test data efforts
  • Reduces overall manual errors through automated data provisioning

Challenges & Solutions

Methodologies, tools, in-house solutions and expertise in creating and sub-setting data

Industry tools and in-house solutions such as Infosys Enterprise Data Privacy Suite for data masking

  • Workflow-based data provisioning methodology
  • Tool-based approach to leverage capabilities of vendor products and in-house solutions