FINsights: Digital Transformation in financial services and insurance

The financial services industry is struggling with increased customer awareness and expectations, decreased trust and loyalty, increased competition and reduced margins. Adding to this complexity is the risk of disintermediation and losing marketshare to non-traditional players. With digital evolution, expectations are changing within the enterprise and with business partners. This issue of FINsights explores how the digital future may evolve and the transformation pillars that financial services enterprises can build on, to survive and thrive.


FINsights: The Rise of Social Media in Financial Services- Balancing Risk and Reward

Financial services firms consistently hold a narrow view of Social Media while not engaging the customer beyond building and retaining their own closed communities. FINsights explores various views of adoption of Social Media by different banking domains - from retail banking to capital markets. Our experts provide insights into the advantages of leveraging Social Media while exploring its myriad applications, from crowd sourcing for product advice, to gleaning insights from communities, and adopting customer service practices on the Social Media channel.


FINsights: Analytics in Collaboration with FICO

In the latest edition of FINsights, Infosys partners with FICO to walk you through the various issues and roadmaps of analytics in order to provide insights into launching successful analytics initiatives.


FINsights: Financial Services in the Mobile Age

The latest issue of FINsights addresses mobile payments in financial services. It provides a commentary on the 'big three' phenomenon in mobility, encompassing enterprise mobility, mobile banking and mobile payments.


FINsights: IT Optimization for Nimble Financial Enterprises

FINsights focuses on IT optimization to help the financial services industry address rapid consolidation, uncertain economic conditions and the ever changing regulatory environment. Our experts discuss various components of IT optimization, from hardware (virtualization) and software (SaaS) to alternative pricing models such as Unit of Work. Read how IT optimization can minimize costs, eliminate inefficiencies and increase scalability.


FINsights: A Core Banking Transformation for All Seasons

Core Banking Transformation

The latest issue of FINsights focuses on the rationale for investing in core banking transformation. Find out how to proactively address and mitigate key challenges and risks. Learn about the approaches and the best practices that work in effecting radical changes to a bank’s business process, technology and organizational environment.


FINsights: Navigating Mergers and Mitigating Risks in Securities

Securities Operations

Financial Services firms need to address challenges in their operations including post-merger IT integration, reducing the cost of operations and technology, and managing risk. The current issue of FINsights focuses on Securities Operations. We evaluate the emerging trends and strategies in the middle-and-back office infrastructure of firms in the Securities industry. Our experts share insights into managing client risk, creating an enterprise risk view for investment banks and leveraging existing Anti Money Laundering (AML) infrastructure to mitigate rogue trading risks.


Enterprise Payments

Over the last few years, Payments has witnessed major regulatory changes and innovation. In Europe, SEPA is driving the establishment of a unified, single domestic payments area. SEPA is aimed at improving efficiency and consumer convenience, and creating new challenges for financial institutions. Innovation in the form of Mobile Payments has the potential to change the way the world transfers money, providing infinite opportunities for those who are willing to adapt. The current issue of FINsights is focused on Enterprise Payments. It contains articles and case studies that provide a comprehensive view of the trends, innovations and regulations in the Payments industry.


Tide Over Financial Risk with Governance, Risk and Compliance

The recent developments in the financial services marketplace and strict monitoring by regulators compel financial companies to focus on risk management and compliance. Companies have to meet regulatory demands while focusing on increasing revenue, managing cost and enhancing shareholders' value.

With Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), companies can adopt a more effective approach to reduce business risk, ensure better compliance and thereby, gain a competitive advantage.

In this issue of FINsights, we address various issues of risk management and compliance.


Leverage Technology for Customer-Oriented Wealth Management

The wealth management industry faces several challenges as it seeks to meet the emerging needs of clients. Organizations are exploring ways to offer clients the entire suite of investments, including brokerage and retirement products, banking, credit, trust and custody services in an integrated manner. While large firms are capable of offering a wide range of products, their ability to attract clients from the best-of-breed service providers depends on evolving a model that is convenient and provides better value.

Technology enables wealth management organizations to meet these challenges. Business Process Management (BPM), rules engines and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) can enhance the business landscape of the wealth management industry.

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