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Application programming interfaces (APIs) today are no mere tools for integrating systems; they drive monetization of an organization’s core assets by enabling the development of new services and extending the reach of existing ones. They glue digital channels with an organization’s data and applications that are spread over a wide spectrum, ranging from legacy systems to cloud,  making them all the more powerful. Thus, ensuring the quality of APIs is critical in the digital transformation of an enterprise. Infosys offers a comprehensive solution that addresses the functional and non-functional challenges in API validation.

API validation comes with multiple requirements that include:

  • Speed: Faster pace of API development and deployment expects reduced testing cycle time
  • Coverage: Large consumer base of APIs demands higher regression testing for every change
  • Complexity: Heterogeneous technology landscape and distributed provider data increase the complexity of the test environment
  • Performance: Unlimited usage necessitates more performance and scalability testing
  • Security: Wider exposure of APIs and the sensitive data they carry makes them vulnerable to attacks and mandates more security testing

Infosys offers tailored processes, tools, and skilled personnel to address these challenges. Here are four, key components of our offerings in API validation:

  • Infosys API Test Platform is a componentized, customizable, light-weight, portable framework that promotes higher automation in progression and regression testing, which is further accelerated through reuse and collaboration. It is a scalable platform that can adapt to changing technology trends in the API world. It facilitates progressive functional automation in a code-less manner, complies with common security standards, and provides the ability to integrate using continuous integration tools; making it the perfect fit for agile / devops models
  • Service virtualization solution reduces dependencies on provider systems and makes the test environment set-up simpler, when used in conjunction withmarket-leading commercial and open source tools
  • Customized non-functional approaches validate the performance and security of APIs to provide better confidence to both providers as well as consumers
  • API Testing Competency Center showcases a specialized team comprising of highly-skilled professionals in API implementation technologies, platforms, and testing tools. They are cross-skilled and up-skilled to carry out API testing using a combination of tools and technologies. API Testing Competency Center also manages alliances with key technology and tool partners, thereby obtaining early access to their releases and faster technical support

Brochure: Infosys API Test Automation

Brochure: Infosys Service Virtualization Testing

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