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Infosys Enterprise Data Privacy Suite (iEDPS)

Securing and Sharing Business Data – Compromise no more!

Today, extended enterprises operate across multiple geographies where companies share high volumes of data within and beyond organizational boundaries. Such data sharing is needed for business application development, testing, training, statistical analysis, business process outsourcing, and market research. However, it also exposes organizations to several dangers. These include theft of sensitive client data resulting in penalties, lawsuits, loss of customer confidence, negative brand image, and erosion in share price. Ultimately, these risks mean higher costs and revenue loss.

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Global regulatory norms such as HIPAA, PIPEDA, PCI DSS, GLBA, ITAR, SOX, and JSOX make it imperative for enterprises to protect confidential, sensitive, private, and personally identifiable information. Constrained by these regulations and concerned about data security risks, many companies are struggling to find secure ways for profitable outsourcing/off-shoring.

Infosys Enterprise Data Privacy Suite secures your data and your business

Enterprises require a strategy where they can protect confidential client data while sharing it with internal/external entities for business purposes. Such a strategy involves using holistic data masking tools that ‘de-identify’ sensitive data and replace it with realistic but false data. In doing so, data stays secure and is still usable by application development, business intelligence and BPO teams.

Infosys Enterprise Data Privacy Suite (iEDPS) is an easy-to-use, high performance, scalable, and cost-effective data privacy and protection solution that automates the data masking process of an enterprise in a centralized manner. iEDPS protects confidential, sensitive, private, and personally identifiable information within enterprise repositories. Loaded with deterministic, selective, dynamic, and static masking tools, iEDPS can be deployed on any platform, and supports all major databases and file systems.

The key features of iEDPS are:

  • Sensitive data discovery
  • Discovery dashboards
  • Static and dynamic data masking
  • Synthetic data generation
  • Big data masking
  • Data sub-setting

Benefits of iEDPS

Besides data security, iEDPS provides additional benefits such as:

  • Lower cost of implementation, operations and off-shoring
  • Masking of any data store from VSAM to NoSQL
  • Improved time-to-market
  • Ability to scale effectively to mask millions of records with excellent performance
  • Improved test data quality and data governance
  • Assured data privacy and data compliance as per regional laws

Case studies

Use cases for iEDPS

Data protection and off-shoring: Businesses are responsible for the security and control of any personal data within their possession. However, most businesses overlook the importance of data protection from a legal and risk management standpoint when devising their outsourcing strategy. This raises serious data breach concerns during offshoring. By anonymizing data, iEDPS eliminates data sensitivity, thereby mitigating the risk of data leaks.

Compliance with data privacy regulations: Today, industries and corporations are obliged to comply with various data privacy regulations that could be sectoral or regional in nature. iEDPS can be configured to comply with multiple regulations simultaneously.

Evaluate readiness for GDPR: Faced with the deadline of October 2018 to implement GDPR, businesses within the EU that capture and process customer data need to place the necessary controls on sensitive data within their data stores. iEDPS can help these organizations identify where sensitive data resides in the organization while providing an assessment of their readiness for GDPR.

Did you know?

1. iEDPS can help you discover sensitive data
iEDPS helps discover and classify sensitive data within data stores by matching the taxonomy from metadata or the pattern of the data stored. Once the sensitive data is identified, data protection controls can be applied automatically based on the classification.

2. iEDPS can support multiple rules for anonymization
iEDPS includes a collection of over 70 ready-to-use data anonymization algorithms. Multiple masking rules can be applied on the same entity attribute based on the conditions configured.

3. iEDPS can support data masking on mainframes
iEDPS supports masking data within mainframe, Linux and Windows platforms. VSAM, ISAM, PS files, etc., can be configured directly using the iEDPS workbench.

4. iEDPS can be used to mask large volumes of data quickly

  • iEDPS uses the power of distributed computing to anonymize data on a Hadoop cluster.
  • iEDPS can run multiple mappers on individual nodes to mask data and write back to the Hadoop cluster.
  • iEDPS masked 1 billion records on a multi-node Hadoop cluster within 25 minutes.
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