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Noah Consulting Acquired by Infosys

Synergies deliver compelling value to oil and gas enterprises

Noah Consulting helps upstream oil and gas companies plan, architect, and deploy information solutions to unlock the value of assets.

Leverage advanced analytics

Oil and gas enterprises can maximize output by consolidating and analyzing data from diverse sources, locations, and disciplines in real-time. Infosys solutions integrate data from wells and reservoirs with geosciences, petrophysics, operational, supply chain, and other related data systems. We use tools for accurate analysis and prediction of diverse parameters across a multidisciplinary environment. These tools allow decision-makers to compare forecasts of performance and daily production against real-time data to identify bottlenecks and take corrective action.

Maximize value of data

The lack of comprehensive subsurface, engineering, and operations data prevents oil and gas enterprises from monetizing data. Data scientists and domain experts at Infosys and Noah Consulting develop systems to synchronize data and streamline the data lifecycle. These systems facilitate periodic review and collaboration between teams for forecasting, business planning, risk mitigation, and production control.

Take informed decisions

Reservoir engineers and production managers need advanced dashboards to take prompt decisions based on data residing in multiple databases. We use sophisticated tools to represent performance of reservoirs and wells via maps, graphs, and tables. Noah Consulting has rich experience in defining taxonomy for regions, oil fields, and well sites, and in assigning tags for wells / assets. It helps query, filter, and sort data for prioritizing activities, planning production, and reporting.

Improve data quality

While upstream data offers business potential, it also poses challenges such as non-standardized repositories, lack of data access, and inconsistent data formats. A high percentage of governance or data quality initiatives fail to deliver business value as they often lack a pragmatic, scalable, and sustainable approach to realize benefits. Infosys client-specific, adaptive, and phased approach to governance and data management ensures superior data quality. In addition, we leverage proprietary and industry-specific accelerators for secure and convenient data access.

The upstream oil and gas industry faces challenges that require well-defined information and data management strategies to increase efficiencies across the lifecycle — from exploration and development to production. Noah Consulting and Infosys have a suite of data management services to serve oil and gas companies.

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