Industry Offerings

How we deliver value to the Oil and Gas industry

Your Oil and Gas enterprise can achieve superior performance by distilling business insights from data. When data flows seamlessly from your oil and gas assets to your operations, maintenance and trading systems, you are empowered to identify new business opportunities, streamline operations, and comply with regulations.

The Infosys Oil and Gas practice helps you harness emerging technology, increase automation, and optimize processes. We maximize the utilization of existing oil and gas assets, and return on investment at greenfield projects. Our solutions eliminate duplication of effort and mitigate business risks. Automated workflows between onshore and offshore processes enhance productivity while minimizing cost of operations.

Our consultants help you reengineer processes to effect a business transformation at your oil and gas enterprise. Our simulation tools enable you to implement strategies for lean operations. We also partner with your team to accelerate time to market of new oil well programs and deploy modeling-based optimization platforms to increase production.

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