Infosys IP delivers omni-channel retail experience

Our patents aggregate mobile, social and augmented reality to deliver a personalized shopping experience across channels.

Global retailers can develop a better understanding of shoppers’ behavior – in-store and online – by following preferences and recommendations across social media. With this knowledge, they can deliver a superior shopping experience by providing product information via 3D imagery, augmented reality, and social media applications.

The Infosys Retail practice combines augmented reality with social commerce for omni-channel retailing. Our patented inventions harness the profiles of shoppers to deliver a personalized shopping experience across retail channels. Advanced techniques minimize the time and effort invested to develop and maintain e-commerce portals. Our systems analyze the preferences and habits of shoppers to suitably alter the course of their shopping experience and increase cross-sell opportunities with relevant product recommendations.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted Infosys several patents for omni-channel retailing:

System and method for creating an e-commerce website in real time
Our system enables real-time changes to the user interface of e-commerce applications across structural, aesthetic and functional layers.

System and method for augmented reality and social networking enhanced retail shopping
Our method facilitates overlaying augmented reality based product attributes with data from social networks for informed purchase decisions.

Method and system for contextual advertisement recommendation across multiple devices
Our invention recommends personalized offers by combining product information with knowledge of customers’ preferences.

System and method for performing a shopping activity through a wireless computing device
Our system uses wireless technology to enhance the in-store shopping experience. It delivers personalized offers to customers’ mobile devices when they are at retail outlets.

Collaborative filtering-based recommendations
Our recommendation system applies collaborative filtering to match a customer’s profile with relevant products based on past shopping behavior.

RFID-based product level availability
Our system uses pervasive technologies to facilitate inventory control by monitoring availability of products on retail shelves.

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