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Apparel and footwear

In the branded apparel and footwear landscape, retailers need visibility into the fiber-to-fashion lifecycle to plan assortments at each store. You need to transcend commoditization by differentiating apparel and footwear brands based on perceived value and corresponding price points. Your product design and development as well as merchandising processes should be designed for short product lifecycles. Finally, your shop window and floor plan needs to be calibrated based on demand for premium brands and private labels.

The Infosys Retail practice helps apparel and footwear retailers align their supply chain with consumer trends. Our product management solutions ensure consistent quality and pricing across stores and direct channels. They also increase the design-hit ratio, encourage impulse buying, and facilitate markdown management.

Infosys provides omni-channel commerce solutions for six of top 10 global apparel and footwear companies. We optimize the distribution network and incorporate the voice of customers from concept to finished product. Our supply chain solutions mitigate risks and ensure compliance with social, environmental and technical guidelines.

Infosys advantage

  • Size optimization techniques, including profiling and pack optimization
  • Supply chain solutions optimize inventory across channels to minimize markdowns
  • Merchandising approach enables a judicious assortment of branded products and private labels
  • Product line planning supports calendar management of multiple products
  • Tracking tools monitor finished styles as well as work-in-progress

Infosys solutions for apparel and footwear retailers

Infosys solutions for apparel and footwear retailers




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