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The window of your retail merchandising outlet at the airport needs to attract travelers during the ‘golden hour’ before boarding the aircraft.

The Infosys Retail practice understands the challenges of airport specialty retail programs – limited product lines, pricing regulations, and specific formats for pre- and post-security screening locations. Our consulting services and IT solutions help self-service boutiques in the airport specialty retail market and luxury retail brands to expand their footprint at international airports.

Our data specialists combine customer behavior across store formats with airport retail potential to predict sales. It helps refresh your product assortment or make a business case for leasing to the airport property management office. Our digital solutions encourage impulse purchases, while our inventory and product fulfillment services enable you to comply with airport security guidelines and lease agreements at terminals.

Infosys advantage

  • BrandEdge builds digital assets, drives marketing campaigns, and gleans insights from customer behavior
  • DigitizeEdge monetizes digital artifacts, including lifestyle-oriented multimedia content, using a partner ecosystem
  • InteractEdge incorporates transaction management capabilities and enhances the customer experience across e-Commerce and digital touch points

Infosys solutions for specialty retailers

Infosys Retail Merchandising Solutions for Airport Retail Industry




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