Infosys Infrastructure Testing Services, part of Infosys Cobalt, help you comprehensively validate infrastructure components in non-test environments thereby reducing the chances of downtime and improving performance of your IT infrastructure

  • Operational Acceptance Testing Services
  • Disaster Recovery Testing
  • Infrastructure and Network Testing
  • Data Center Migration Testing
  • Test Support Services
  • Test Environment Services
  • Office 365 Migration Testing
  • ServiceNow Testing

We offer the following differentiators as part of this offering:

  • Infrastructure Test Solution for Integrated Assurance
  • Build Validation and Analysis Tool
  • Infosys Infrastructure Readiness Automation Tool
  • Infrastructure Validation Toolkit

Infrastructure Testing Approach

Infrastructure Planning

Infrastructure Planning

  • Validate AS-IS and TO-BE state
  • Identify compatibility issues.
  • Gather Baseline performance
  • Identify Infrastructure Tests
Infrastructure Integration

Infrastructure Integration

  • Validate Infrastructure Integration
  • Server build Configuration Testing
  • Storage Configuration Testing
  • Database Configuration Testing.
Infrastructure Deployment

Infrastructure Deployment

  • Middleware connectivity
  • Configuration Validation
  • Cluster configuration Testing
  • Network Testing
  • Firewall Testing
  • Load Balancer Testing
Infrastructure Monitoring and Maintenance

Infrastructure Monitoring and Maintenance

  • Operational Resilience Test
  • High Availability Test
  • Backup and Recovery Test
  • Infrastructure Improvement

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How our Infrastructure Testing Services help enterprises:

Leveraging best practices and our extensive experience across infrastructure management and testing services, we have developed a set of pre-built solutions that help organizations identify potential defects early in the life cycle. We have recorded nearly 40% improvement in defect detection prior to production implementation with these solutions. This has also resulted in a reduced cost with saving up to 20%, due to accelerated testing. The comprehensive solution ensures that services can be deployed in live environment without impacting their stability with up to 40% reduced production outages.


Challenges & Solutions

Infosys Infrastructure Testing framework offers an integrated approach and test harnesses for both infrastructure and applications, thus providing single point assurance

Infosys Infrastructure Testing framework encompasses various techniques, processes and standards for effective testing, leveraging automation and Infosys IPs to achieve reduced testing cost and faster time to market

Infosys Test Support Service offers synergy of all support services with a robust, standardized, scalable and efficient testing support model, powered by emerging tools and technology which reduce QA cycle time and costs