Infosys Infrastructure Testing services, part of Infosys Cobalt, help you comprehensively validate infrastructure components in non-production environments. This includes servers, databases, storage and networks, end-user computing devices, and platforms. Our testing services reduce the probability of downtime and improve the stability and performance of your IT infrastructure. Infosys offers testing services for workplace transformation programs, testing tools support, and ServiceNow.

  • Infrastructure build validation
  • Infrastructure and network testing
  • Operational readiness testing services
  • Disaster recovery testing
  • Infrastructure change validation
  • Patch and server upgrade testing
  • Data center migration testing
  • Test tool support services
  • Test environment management and support
  • ServiceNow testing
  • Workplace transformation validation
  • Microsoft Office 365 migration testing
  • VDI (virtual desktop image) refresh, EUC (end user computing) validation

Infrastructure Quality Engineering workbench - Differentiators

Infosys offers the following differentiators as part of our infrastructure testing services.

  • Infosys Enterprise Service Management Café - a repository of Selenium and automated test framework for ServiceNow automation test scripts
  • Infrastructure Test Solution for Integrated Assurance - a reusable infrastructure test case repository
  • Infosys Test Automation Platform – a test automation platform for ServiceNow
  • Patch test automation framework for OS patch validation
  • Build validation and analysis tool to validate server build
  • Test environment management service portal
  • Network configuration validation utility

Infrastructure Testing Approach

Infrastructure Planning

Infrastructure Planning

  • Analyze infrastructure as-is and to-be state
  • Identify compatibility issues
  • Gather baseline performance
  • Identify infrastructure tests
  • Analyze incidents related to infra failure
Infrastructure Integration

Infrastructure Integration

  • Validate infrastructure integration
  • Test server build configuration
  • Check storage configuration
  • Test database configuration
  • Validate network configuration
  • Validate end-user devices
Infrastructure Deployment

Infrastructure Deployment

  • Check middleware connectivity
  • Test cluster configuration
  • Check network
  • Test firewall
  • Test load balancer
Infrastructure Monitoring and Maintenance

Infrastructure Monitoring and Maintenance

  • Test operational resilience
  • Check for high availability
  • Ensure backup and recovery

Looking for Infrastructure Testing solutions?


Infosys has developed a set of pre-built solutions to help organizations identify potential defects early in the development lifecycle. These solutions are based on industry best practices and our extensive experience in infrastructure management and testing services. Leveraging these solutions, we have recorded a nearly 40% improvement in defect detection prior to production implementation that can help achieve cost savings of up to 20% through accelerated testing. Our comprehensive solution ensures that services can be deployed in live environments without impacting stability and with up to 25% fewer production outages.

Our AI-first approach helps us:

  • Optimize infrastructure management and testing services using discriminative AI
  • Accelerate the testing lifecycle and test environment management support activities using generative AI

Challenges & Solutions

Infosys Infrastructure Testing framework includes various techniques, processes, and standards for effective testing. It leverages automation and Infosys’ intellectual property to achieve reduced testing costs and faster time to market.

Infosys Infrastructure Validation Workbench assures device certification and compliance testing as well as profile synchronization testing on various devices in the digital workplace.

A suite of tools is provided for OS and device refresh as part of the Infosys Infrastructure Testing framework. These include patch test automation solution, security and compliance test, connectivity test, master or gold image test.

Infosys Test Automation Platform for ServiceNow is an end-to-end automation testing platform. The platform has pre-built components that accelerate end-to-end test automation, as well as custom-built libraries that enhance testing quality and speed resulting in 50% reduction in test execution effort.

Infosys provides a comprehensive test environment management solution that includes features such as incident management, release management, test environment booking, and health check monitoring as well as a dashboard. Infosys accelerator TEMS is a one-stop portal for all environment management and governance protocols and complements the industry standard test environment management processes.