Test Environment Management and Infrastructure Testing Services on both Cloud and on-premise, is an integrated offering from Infosys that enables organizations to achieve quality infrastructure, reduced downtime & improved performance of IT infrastructure.

Infosys Test Environment Management and Infrastructure Testing offerings over Cloud and for on-premise include:

  • Advisory services for Cloud and Infrastructure testing
  • Complete Infrastructure testing for Cloud & On-premise
  • End-to-End testing of Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud Systems
  • Test Environment Management System

Looking for a Cloud-based infra solution?


How Cloud Infra Validation Suite helps enterprises:

  • 40 -50% reduction in test execution cycle through Cloud test automation, using Shell, Python, Chef-Inspect and PowerShell for validation of provisioning
  • 25% reduced testing effort for overall infrastructure validations
  • >90% test environment availability and utilization

Challenges & Solutions

Infosys’ Infrastructure Testing framework offers an integrated approach and test harnesses for both infrastructure and applications, thus providing single point assurance.

Infosys Test Environment Management and Infrastructure Testing framework for Cloud and on-premise encompasses various techniques, processes and standards for effective testing, leveraging automation and Infosys IPs to achieve reduced testing cost and faster time-to-market.

10-point cloud infrastructure validations framework provides complete testing solution for operational and functional parameters.

Proven Infosys testing solutions for functional and non-functional testing needs provide clients a comprehensive end-to-end solution.