Infosys AI Testing platform helps companies overcome the complexities in testing AI, machine learning, and natural language processing implementations. Infosys has also built capabilities of using AI to improve the efficiency of software testing in all stages of QA lifecycle.

Infosys AI/ML-led QA offering, using both supervised and unsupervised methods, helps unlock the power of data (like project documentation, test artifacts, defect logs, test results, production incidents, etc.), unearths defects beforehand, optimizes testing, and predicts failure points — thus reducing the overall cost and achieving high customer satisfaction.

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How Infosys AI/ML-led QA helps enterprises:

  • Our approach to artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML)-based quality assurance is design-based, complying with the following steps — Discover > Learn > Sense > Respond cycle. The knowledge base constantly helps in storing and building pattern, which in turn, helps in self-learning and responding to actions
  • Our Model Evaluation tool helps data scientists to predict the behavior of models and check accuracy of the same, helping in better decision making
  • RPA-powered digital testers are being increasingly used for repetitive services. Infosys Robotics Testing framework helps in achieving 100% test automation

Challenges & Solutions

Infosys Test Suite Optimizer helps identify redundancies and similarities to the tune of up to 30%.

Infosys Robotic Test Automation Framework helps to increase automation coverage across heterogeneous technologies to 100%.

Infosys Model Evaluation tool assesses models built by data scientists with various datasets and improves model accuracy by 40%.

Infosys Defects Analytics solution identifies high risk areas in the application and conducts a pareto analysis to show which modules/applications are generating 80% of defects.

Infosys Customer Sentiment Analysis tool provides insights from extracts of comments on customer’s social media accounts which help to enhance customer experience.

Infosys Document Validation solution analyzes handwritten documents converted into digital format and suggests corrections where necessary. Helps reduce errors by 50%.